Ready To Order?

If you are ready to order please email us or fax us in your order.
Phone: (757)483-6383 Fax: (757) 483-418 info@knottscreeknursery.com cheap alprazolam pills Anne@knottscreeknursery.com Mike@knottscreeknursery.com
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Deliveries are made by our staff in shelved trucks to Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Maryland. xanax online cheap We ask our customers to provide help in unloading and counting material. alprazolam cheapest online Customers are required to provide employees to unload truck from the tailgate.

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If assistance in unloading is not furnished an additional charge could be applied to the invoice. If there is a problem with orders we will work to satisfy our customers Please call for a quote on our very reasonable freight costs.

Customer Pick-Up

Orders placed one day before pickup are appreciated and can be pulled as they are received. We pride ourselves in promptly servicing drive up customers as well. No appointment is needed for pickups.

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