Since we sell wholesale only and offer our plants at reasonable prices, our terms are cash or check payment with each order.
For customers who establish credit, payment is due ten (10) days from pickup or delivery.
Accounts over thirty (30) days will accrue a service charge of 2% monthly or 24% annually.

Contract grow:

If there is a plant material that you require that differs in size or variety from what we offer,
please give us the opportunity to do contract growing for you.
Many of our customers prefer the security of having us contract grow for large jobs to ensure availability of required items.


We guarantee our plants to be true to name and reasonably free of injurious insects and diseases.
Because of environmental and planting conditions beyond our control, we can give no warranty to the continued life of any plant.
Any claim must be registered in writing to us within 3-10 days after the stock is received.